Success Stories

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A strategic design *Success Story* is an expression of both the creative process and the quality of its implementation. The following success stories not only are a testimony to BAVG's design implementation skills, but they also illustrate how through the power of strong collaborative partnerships and the application of knowledge and experience, successful results can be achieved.

These examples represent just a few of the high-profile projects that BAVG has accomplished.

Fresh Vision & Unique Retail

BURBERRY Prosurm @ S5A

An unique, creative and seamless construction of an oversized version of the Classic Burberry "Plaid" Pattern in 3 color variations.

Design units were free standing so architecture of Saks windows space was not compromised, while keeping in mind that their visual elements h... View More

One Below ~ Macy's Sport-Tech Shop

A custom-designed “Sportswear” Shop-In-Shop, specially created with client’s vision and inspiration.

4 concepts were developed based on latest modern aesthetics in today’s Athletic Retail Industry. This particular design concept was approved since ma... View More

S5A Holiday ~ Night of 1000 Delights

Multiple window displays were created to give the "Fantasy" impression that Sugar Sand Dunes and oversized Candies sprouted up within "The Night of 1000 Delights" theme windows at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Some challenges included seamless props of organic shapes that fitted into ... View More

CHANEL Chance @ S5A

Self-standing beauty towers and wall mounted displays with built-in animation brought to "life" the movement and themes depicted in the Chanel "Chance" Ad Campaign Film.

Twirling and "Back-Lit" perfume bottles were placed above and below video monitor screens that required ... View More

Luxottica ~ SH Macy's Shop

Floor-to-Ceiling graphic shaped Lighbox displays created to engage tech-luxury visual experience within the Sunglass Hut unique Shop-In-Shop at Macy’s Herald Square.

Engineered and fabricated with minimal production seams, these custom-made units were produced in a wa... View More

Tory Burch Display Launch

Creation of custom interior and exterior luxury displays within the boundaries of the client’s designs while maintaining the standards and direction of the brand aesthetic.

Technical expertise helped create a visual branded and focused story, spanning multiple platfor... View More