Materials Spectrum

At BAVG, the diverse amount of materials has a very wide spectrum... Production needs can have multiple possibilities as long as materials are currently available in the market. If we do not have a specific substrate in our inventory, we can certainly look into ordering it to accomplish your special project. Some of our most used elements are:

MS Plexi1 PP1

Plexi and Acrylics

● Clear, P95 & Vivak Clear
● Non-Glare
● Black & White
● Multiple Colors 


MS Metal2 PP

Metal & Substrates 

● Aluminum
● Stainless Steel
● Yellow & Muntz Brass
● Copper & Bronze

MS Paint1 PP1

Paint and Finishes

● Solid PMS PANTONE Colors 
● Coated or Uncoated
● Matte, Semi-Gloss & Glossy
● Special Color Formulas


Wood and MDFs

● Plywood 
● Natural Wood
● Assorted Lightweight MDFs
● Diverse Veneer Laminates


Vinyls & Films

● Removable or Permanent 
● Translucent & Clear Transparent
● Dusted & Frosted Crystal
● Various Colors