Light Boxes

Indoor signage offering one of the thinnest profiles, the brightest true-color rendering, and 7 years/30,000 hours of efficient use.


Custom-Fabricated Image Lightbox

Today’s industry has a broad spectrum of visual needs. Our custom fabrication lightboxes and their engineering certainly support the visual expressions your brand is looking to meet… Your vision becomes a reality according to your brand environment.

Transform your conceptual design into the manipulation and combination of metals, woods, MDFs, plexi, acrylics, lighting, digital tech features, graphics, paint and special finishes.

Our innovative ways of custom fabrication can be used in most retail and commercial settings.


Micro-Fabric Fitted Print Lightbox

Today’s Industry has a need to complement its Retail and Corporate Environments with lit-graphics that are rich in colors and with a soft “feeling” look.  Our Micro-Fabric Fitted Print Lightbox provides visual solutions to the atmosphere enhancement clients envision. It's built with light-weight materials, and its Microfiber Backlit Fabric is printed through dye sublimation process, which is the best for achieving richness and quality within image being displayed.

It can be ordered in custom height with a max print width of 120”. The track insert along the perimeter frame provides easy install graphic changes and its edge rubber gasket keeps prints in-place and smooth once inserted.


Ultra-Thin Edge Lit Panel Lightbox

One of the thinnest light panels on the market – 1.25” and 1.50” deep. It has long-life cold cathode fluorescent lamps that lasts up to 30,000 hours, and it's 75% more energy efficient than standard ones. Patented technology allows the light panels to provide the brightest true-color rendering with no hot spots or shadows.

The Ultra-Slim Lightbox is meant for indoor environments use, and it comes with an 8’cord and on/off switch.