Big Apple Visual Group brings four decades of expertise to architectural signage, wayfinding and retail display projects. Our process has been refined to exceed customer expectations every time.

Program Management

When a client brief is received, we first determine the scope entailed and generate a proposal that reflects the project’s specific requirements. These can include multi-tiered roll outs, unique materials, weight or shipping concerns, permanent or reusable functionality, storage of items or refurbishing, and so on. We come up with the visual solutions that best support your project needs.

Once the materials, sizes, special details and method of fabrication are associated, an estimate is put together, and once all is approved, the project moves into design process development.

Design & Engineering

During this phase production drawings are created and finalized. A project can definitely be designed and engineered from a conceptual idea by our talented design team, or renderings can also be created based on client's directive standard needs. The design process may include several rounds of revision as changes are made, and materials are finalized to achieve the ultimate specs expected.

Graphics, logos, fonts and files are scaled to suit renderings, all is laid out within designs, and material samples with respective finishes are generated for final approval.

Production & Prototyping

With materials procured, samples approved, and a production plan developed the project moves into production. Throughout this process quality control procedures are utilized to ensure all elements are functioning properly and up to client standard. We all like to think that an approved production never changes, but in this industry, the needs of the business are paramount, and every possible effort is made to address and resolve issues as they arise. 

Prototyping is also performed for internal production planning and for client proof-of-concept when the project requires complex functionality (i.e. lighting, animation, etc.) to support such.

While the project is in production, the project management team coordinates and plans for the installation or roll out of the final product to maximize timing schedule as best as possible.

Installation & Logistics

The project management team strategizes and coordinates complete execution details necessary to support a smooth installation process . This may include scheduling crews, acquiring extra materials and tools, obtaining permits, or planning massive allocations based on program requirements. When installation or assembly is needed outside of the New York city region, teams are contacted through our installation network to implement the program according to your calendar rotation.

Once projects are completed, a database of images of final look can be submitted to client upon request.